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Reiki Levels 1 and 2
October 19-20, 2019
9:00-6:30 each day
with a 90 minute lunch break

Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center
Bloomington, IN

Levels 1 & 2 -
$265 early bird
$295 regular

$475 for you AND a friend!

Reiki Level 3
June 22-23, 2019
9:00-6:30 each day
with a 90 minute lunch break
Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center
Bloomington, IN

$295 early bird
$325 regular

$495 for you AND a friend!

Early bird prices are
valid +2 weeks before

FOR ALL LEVELS. Find options when you click above to register.

Special Offers!

Sign up with a friend, and save!
(see buddy deals above)

Sign up for Reiki 1, 2, and 3 all at once, and save!
($495 for an individual or $795 for you and a buddy)

25% off  if certified by another teacher
50% off  if already certified by Christine

Reiki workshop


"Christine is an amazing and knowledgeable leader. It seems she can direct the knowledge right into the core of your being."

- Kate Smith


"The two days spent with Christine and my Reiki tribe was one of the most inspiring and peaceful weekends I have had in a really long time. I would say it was life-changing in more ways than one."

- Taylor True


"Thank you, Christine, for everything you have given me! You really have changed my life."

- Danie Becknell


"Christine is an amazing and inspirational teacher!"

- Kelly Opelt-Andrews


"Christine embodies what she teaches. Her joyous spirit and absolute love and connection that she has with the group makes it easy and fun to learn ~ such a joyous weekend!"

- Marcia Benjamin


"Thank you so much. You've changed my life."

- Shaina Ohm


"Excellent explanations and demonstrations of everything presented throughout the weekend. Your love shines through every moment!"

- Lisa Meuser


"So much thought, time, and attention went into creating this experience. You can FEEL it!!"

- Joey Eller


"Such a profound experience. I felt safe and loved!"

- Lori Medlen


"Such an amazing weekend!!!! Will never forget! I left feeling open for the first time ever! My inner child made its way back home..."

- Jessica Gordon


"Christine and her angels are amazing and so loving!!!"

- Elizabeth Mohler


"More than I could ever ask for! Christine has the unmatched ability to affirm people for exactly who they are -- meets them where they are and helps gently catapult them to greater dimensions of growth. I come home here and I am overflowing with gratitude. Thank you for all your light. Such an incredible weekend! I believe I will be feeling the residual effects of all the yumminess for a long time... Thank you, Christine, for everything thus far and for everything I know is to come."

- Lauren Daeger


"This was so amazing! I can not express how it felt like I was's so hard to put this weekend into words! I'm so happy to have been part of it...! Sending love to you Christine!"

- Julie Corbin


"Thank you so much Christine and all of the Angels I am truly a changed person. It was such a amazing experience."

- Jill Smith


"Christine was so present, positive, and accepting at a time when I needed exactly that."

- Elizabeth Bettin


"Christine is an ahhhmazing shining light in the world, and she's gifting us all with that light and empowering us to give our own gifts in the world!"

- Machai St. Rain


"Thank you from the depths of my soul. I've never met anyone wo made me feel so loved and special aside from you. I truly hope I get to spend so much more time with you and have the opportunity to learn from your immense love and knowledge. Much love!"

- Maddie Bertl


"More than I could have anticipated or imagined."

- Chera Beth Finkbiner


"Reiki 3 has offered me so many new ways to expand the way in which I practice both personally and for others. This weekend has allowed me to come into a space which I didn't know existed. Your classes are perfect."

- Nikki Richardson


"SOOOOO much love and laughter! Such a rejuvenating experience. I am so thankful for you and all of these beautiful souls."

- Amber Chastain


"This course cleared the clutter that allowed me to surrender to my true soul purpose!"

- Aleah Hupp


"This experience was informative, affirmative, transformative, and inspiring!"

- Spencer McNelly


"I'm amazed, inspired, and in total awe! Beyond expectations!"

- Maram Eleleimy


"This was a transforming experience and confidence builder in finding the true me."

- Linda Blasko


"I now believe I am beautiful and powerful, and I used to never be able to accept this or believe this. I had an epiphany!"

- Emilee Trudo


"I cannot share enough the joy that we received over the weekend. This has been a life-altering experience. Even my marriage has grown. Thank you!"

- Britta York


Click HERE to read many more testimonials from past students.


Reiki Training

Your hands are healing hands!


We all have the potential to be catalysts for healing far beyond what most people recognize.  If you want to learn powerful and proven ways of helping yourself, friends, family, clients, animals, and others experience blissful relaxation, pain relief, personal and spiritual growth, emotional balancing, and holistic healing from the inside out, Reiki workshops are for you!  Gain certification, experiential training, energetic attunements, personal healing, and comprehensive manuals at each level.

You will learn the foundations of traditional Reiki, as taught by the founder, Usui, as well as modern techniques that are amazingly effective. The entire weekend is designed to not only empower you with an abundance of healing tools and techniques but is also, in and of itself, a transformative rite of passage to fully step into your own greatest potential, calling, and gifts. Students often exclaim how there really is no other Reiki training like this in the world and how their life, in the best of ways, was never the same after attending!

I enthusiastically welcome you into the life changing
journey of getting to know your healing hands.

Reiki training with Christine Eartheart

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a simple, effective, non-invasive, and powerful form of energy healing. Reiki involves a practitioner placing his or her hands directly above or lightly on the body (client remains fully clothed), typically for 1-5 minutes in each position. Reiki accelerates the body’s innate healing abilities, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain, creates balance, clears toxins, enhances personal awareness, relaxes, promotes creativity, opens the heart, treats both symptoms and causes of illness, releases blocked and suppressed feelings, aids spiritual practice, and much more. Reiki is used in prestigious hospitals throughout the world. It originated in Japan in the late 1800’s with a man named Mikao Usui.

Reiki Training with Christine Eartheart

Reiki Basics
spiral Reiki compliments all other forms of healing, improving the
results of drugs, surgery, psychological care,
and other treatments.
spiral While Reiki incorporates spirituality for many people, this is
not required.  Reiki is not connected to any religion and is practiced
by people of all major religions around the world.  Reiki will work, no
matter what the beliefs of the practitioner and client are. In fact, Reiki
has seen proven results with people in a coma, animals and plants.
spiral Reiki energy is only positive.
spiral Reiki energy goes where it needs to.
spiral Reiki can be done anytime and anywhere.
spiral Reiki is a technique anyone can learn. It is not dependent on intellectual capacity and requires no prior experience with healing, meditation or any other kind of training. 
spiral Reiki practitioners are not transferring their own energy to their clients
when giving treatments.  The energy comes through the practitioner.
spiral Reiki practitioners receive healing themselves during a session, as the energy passes through them, and they enter a higher healing frequency.  Offering Reiki doesn’t deplete the practitioner’s energy.  Rather, it increases the flow of life force energy in the practitioner.
spiral Reiki is not just for humans and can be offered to animals,
plants, written prayers or wishes, homes, etc.

Reiki III Workshop

What will you receive?

Reiki I

spiral Receive Reiki I Certification, a full day of experiential training,
an energetic attunement, and a comprehensive manual to take home.

spiral Learn an amazing tool for relaxation, pain reduction, spiritual
and personal growth, and healing from the root cause.

spiral Cultivate a gift of healing that you can offer to friends, family, animals,
clients, patients, plants, yourself, and anything else your heart desires.

spiral Learn positions and techniques for self-healing and facilitating healing for others.

spiral Build community with like-hearted friends.

spiral Get to know this abundant source of life force energy within and
all around us and how you can tap into it to serve the greater good.

spiral Develop a powerful tool to use anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

spiral Deepen self awareness.

spiral Be inspired and rejuvenated. Gain a renewed sense of purpose, spiritual connection, and meaning.

* No prior training required whatsoever. Reiki is for everyone!

Reiki Training Christine Eartheart

Reiki II

spiral Amplify your abilities to powerfully offer pain relief, relaxation,
balancing, and healing (from the root cause) for yourself and others.

spiral Learn to use Reiki to heal unresolved issues from the past

spiral Learn to use Reiki to "empower the future."

spiral Offer distance Reiki to individuals living anywhere on the planet.

spiral Transform your relationship with your body into one of loving teamwork.

spiral Cultivate tools for opening your heart.

spiral Better understand the relationship between your body and emotions.

spiral Learn 3 Reiki symbols.

spiral Learn tools to clear emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blocks.

spiral Meet wonderful new friends.

spiral Receive Reiki II Certification, a full day of experiential training,
an energetic attunement, and a comprehensive manual.

*Pre-requisite: Must have completed Reiki I with any certified teacher.

Reiki Training with Christine Eartheart

Reiki III

spiral Experience the magic of giving healing attunements.

spiral Learn how to give an entire Reiki session based on intuitive guidance.

spiral Learn to sense where imbalances occur in your clients and where Reiki is most needed with Byosen Scanning.

spiral Activate 2 more Reiki symbols, and practice a multitude of ways to use them.

spiral Enjoy the exquisite experience of Gyoshi Ho, giving and receiving Reiki healing with the eyes.

spiral Learn to offer Reiki healing with your breath through Koki Ho.

spiral Learn to use the Reiki Power Breath and Reiki Heart Breath in ways that open and clear your energy channels, boost the magnification of Reiki, and prevent you from taking on the the energy of your clients.

spiral Discover the joys of giving yourself a Reiki Shower and how to practice Kenyoku Ho for cleansing and purifying.

spiral Learn Hatsurei Ho, a meditation technique to help you generate large amounts of spiritual energy in your body.

spiral Focus on practices for deepening your spiritual connection to Reiki.

spiral Personalize Reiki as a unique expression of YOUR healing gifts.

spiral Receive Reiki III Master/Practitioner Certification, two full days of experiential training, an energetic attunement, and a comprehensive manual.

spiral Expand your community of supportive, like-hearted, and healing friendships.

spiral Learn grounding ways to take wonderful care of yourself as a healer and protect you from taking on the energy of others.

spiral Experience a personally healing, rejuvenating, inspiring, and unforgettable weekend.

spiral Fall in love with Reiki all over again. ...and MUCH more!

*For those who desire to specifically teach Reiki…
After completing Reiki III, you and I will agree on a wonderful plan that uniquely matches your needs and desires. This will involve an apprenticeship, private coaching, instruction on teaching and attunements, assisting at Reiki workshops, an additional attunement, and more. We will make sure you feel fully equipped and empowered to step into the world as a shining Certified Reiki Master/Teacher!

*Pre-requisite: Must have completed Reiki I and II

Reiki tribe

Dates and Registration Fees
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