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Christine Eartheart

Christine Eartheart

Facilitator of Healing,
Transformation, &
Awakening True Joy

Counselor, Certified Life Coach,
Reiki Master/Teacher,
Laughter Yoga Leader, & Practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & various other therapies within Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine


Hello, Heart Spiraling Friends!

Thank you so much for visiting Heart Spirals. 
I warmly welcome you here! 

I am honored that we have the opportunity to connect
through my website, and I look forward to deepening our
spiral if you decide that some of the current opportunities I
offer would enhance your life’s journey. If something here
sparks your curiosity, inspires you, allures you, or gives
voice to that part of you who yearns to live your most
joyful, peaceful, empowered, inspiring, and healthy life,
I enthusiastically encourage you to
hear that voice,
trust that voice,
and be in touch with me. 

This is YOUR special invitation to take one more
step into the fullness of who you really are.

I hope that these web pages are able to answer your
questions and offer a little more insight into Heart Spirals.
Please email with any questions,
thoughts, ideas, concerns, or anything else your
heart feels moved to share.

What are heart spirals?
Spirals are one of the most widely spread shapes in nature.
When left alone, energy has a natural tendency to move,
grow and balance as spirals.  Consider the unfolding pattern
of petals in a flower, a snail shell, the circling of an eagle flying, galaxies, and whirlpools. To me, a heart spiral reflects the
path of life where we are simultaneously connected to our
natural rhythm, centered in our hearts, and reaching out to
touch the world.  A living heart spiral is not focused on a
beginning or an end, but on a journey and a process. 
Beginning from the center of our hearts and spiraling
outwards, a heart spiral represents growth, expansion,
radiance, service, togetherness, connection, and sharing
our gifts with the world.  Starting from the outside and
spiraling inwards, a heart spiral represents reflection,
deepening, introspection, self awareness, integration,
and the cultivation of authentic love.  When we join our
individual heart spirals, magic happens! 

I welcome you to the magic…

With Loving Appreciation for YOUR Heart Spiral,

Christine (McKenna) Eartheart


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